Agenda Capital was established in 2008. The company is set up to support entreprenurs, owners and investors in growing successful businesses. The founders have extensive experience as investors, managers and active owners – leading and supporting growth businesses in the Nordics since the mid-90ies.

The entreprenurs behind Agenda Capital have shared experience from one of the most successful growth capital funds in Norway, acting as owners actively supporting the companies through board positions and by assisting in sorting out various strategic and operational issues. Additionally, the partners of Agenda Capital have held leading managerial positions in several successful technology based growth sectors and companies.

Agenda Capital is a platform for managing the partners own active ownership investments. The company will also offer knowledge and experience to owners, entreprenurs, investors and companies seeking advice on issues relating to strategic growth, ownership matters, board work, strategy, business development and exits. We may take on assignements as consultants, act as board members or be active investors when we are welcomed as active co-owners. Additionally, we may from time to time also syndicate investments into selected growth companies where that may be appropriate.

The Agenda Team is focusing on identifying and supporting potentially great entrepreneurs and companies bringing potentially game changing technologies to the market. We are partnering with co-owners and management in growing and internationalising these companies. We invest our time and resources into carefully selected companies and after multi-year cooperation periods, we help exit these at a significant valuation increase primarily to strategic buyers.

Agenda Capital normally enters a business after several of the technology, organizational and commercial hurdles have been overcome but prior to it getting onto the radar screen of strategic buyers, – or after that has happened, but with a management and owners seeking a partner to help grow, develop and expand the business further before a sale is completed.

Growth and Expansion Capital

Agenda Capital intends to deploy its capital and resources into companies demonstrating high growth and high margin potential. Normally these companies have an established market presence, or they have the potential to accelerate performance drastically with the help of Agenda Capital. As growth and expansion capital investors we will thus seek to engage with companies that already have management, customers, products, a balance sheet, some IPR protection etc. These companies have passed several hurdles on their way towards €œsignificance€ and in capturing a share of a relevant market.

Our goal is to partner with entreprenurs and ambitious owners to help grow leading technology companies from the Nordics, and finally capitalize on behalf of all stakeholders.