How we contribute

The partners of Agenda Capital have extensive ownership and managerial experience in owning, developing and growing successful technology businesses.

The partners have ownership-, operational-, financial- and managerial experience. They have served as Chairman, Board Members, CEOs, CFOs, functional directors etc. in several companies. The have also worked in industries such as Offshore and Maritime, ICT, Consulting, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, etc.

We intend to work with our portfolio companies through the holding period to optimize overall value, and are prepared to lead or support key internal and external processes in a business on a company by company basis.

We may be particularly helpful in contributing our experience, our network and competence with regards to strategic planning, M&A and post merger integration, operational restructuring, financial planning and restructuring, assistance with selling or listing the company.

We wish all stakeholders to work with a shared set of goals. We understand and respect the different roles involved: owner, board and management. We find that working proactively and effectively through these bodies, even though sometimes cumbersome, is the best.

We are active owners who will be part of making key decisions.


We know and may help navigate “the field of experts”. When needed we may access and involve a wide network of industrial, operational, managerial, legal, financial and other experts. We also know the best service providers, consultants and headhunters, should such services become of interest.

See also process descriptions under Investment Life Cycle