Agenda Capital is built on individuals with shared experience from Verdane Capital (previously Four Seasons Venture), who over 4 years worked closely together and under Thomas Falcks leadership delivered a net IRR of 68,3 %* on the SND Invest portfolio. The core team of Agenda Capital were all instrumental in delivering this project as members of the advisory team who supported the fund and the portfolio. Borø¸ and Nordbotten also made several of the key investments while at SND Invest, and followed these investments through the value creation and exit phases.

Experienced team members

The initial group consists of 3 business building professionals who successfully worked together in the same team between 2003 and 2007. They bring hands on experience from previous roles such as chairmanships, board memberships, CEO positions, various operational functions – from management consulting and banks as well as from the venture capital and private equity industry.

* Source: Prospectus dated 14 Mai 2007 for DnB NOR Private Equity I ASA