We have defined a set of values that we as a firm and individuals always try to adhere to. These are;

We respect each other, our partners, portfolio companies and investors. We respect and value our differences. We expect from others and expect to deliver timely, precise and concise input based upon due process.

“We say what we mean and mean what we say. We keep our word.” We expect this of others as well. We put our integrity above making money and we will shy away from investing into businesses and alongside people and organisations who do not behave ethically.

We listen and learn every day. We try our best to achieve mastery of all aspects of our business. When we make mistakes we try to correct them.

We are enthusitastic about opportunity, technology, people and business. Our role is often to make business builders believe in themselves and their businesses as much as we do.

We have been entrusted with capital from our investors. This privedge is based on trust. We trust each other and also entrust our partners, companies and management teams to help achieve shared goals.

Profit without fun is less than optimal. Fun provides more profit.

“Nobody`s perfect, but the team may be. Nothing is achieved by one alone”. We also like to think of our investors, co-owners and management teams as part of our team.

“Where people matter and results count”