What we believe in

We believe that the following trends, themes and drivers bode for continued and accelerating technology innovation and adaptation. We see even stronger reliance on technology across society in general:

  • the global energy squeeze and the environmental challenge
  • continued improvements value chain efficiency
  • shifts in global production and trade patterns
  • smart phone and mobility
  • shifting revenue models and a focus on capital efficiency
  • the aging population
  • the sequencing of the human genome
  • the increase and distribution of global wealth

We believe in a set of values that manifest themselves in straight talk – no hidden agendas.

We believe that Nordic engineers are among the best in the world.

We believe that the ICT revolution has just begun.

We believe that the Energy technology field is dramatically underinvested with a need for radical new innovation.

We believe that the Life Science field is about to enter a new stage allowing smaller companies to prosper.

We believe that Nordic technology companies may continue to reshape global industries.

We do believe that we can make a difference in bringing some of these aspireing growth companies onto the global stage.