Agenda Capital Co-Founds MINDeX AS

Agenda Capital Co-Founds MINDeX AS

MINDeX AS is a company built on the idea that Boards and Management teams may benefit from measuring their performance as a team in light of the situation at hand.

“When looking into the world of management tests we found that most tools where indirect – measuring the people as individuals rather than the team as a team” said Per Harald Finneng one of the Founders of MINDeX AS.

“Having spent the last 4 years conducting structured board apprailsals for some of the most professional customers in Scandinavia, we are excited to bring to market a new tool focussed on managerial teams” Jan Espen Torvaldsen, another of the founders, added.

Agenda Capital`s Thomas Falck is a co-founder of MINDeX AS and he will join the board.