Agenda Capital Partners With Varslerinstituttet

Agenda Capital Partners With Varslerinstituttet

Agenda Capital is invited by the founders of Varslerinstituttet to partner with them in etablishing Varslerinstituttet as a leading and neutral facilitator of whistleblowing. Thomas Falck will join the board of Varslerinstituttet.

Varslerinstituttet is a company facilitating the process of whistleblowing as a neutral and arms length 3rd party, so that the wistleblower may whistleblow without fear of identification and reprecussion – and so that businesses and organisations may be made aware of and deal proactively with unwanted activities in their organisations.

“We found that Varslerinstituttet provides a necessary service to businesses by facilitating the wistleblowing process. We decided to invest both time and resources to help bring this service to market.” said Thomas Falck.

Thomas Falck joins the board of Varslerinstituttet AS.

To learn more about Varslerinstituttet see or reach out to Ingvar Straume, Chariman of Varslerinstituttet, on +47 995 79 957.

To learn more about Agenda Capital see, or reach out to Thomas Falck of Agenda Capital on +47 474 00 520.

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