For Owners

Agenda Capital may support various owners in positioning their business for a partnering process, for a takeover or an exit, or in trying to resolve conflict situtions that may have surfaced among owners or between stakeholders.

Agenda Capital will also assist entreprenurs or entreprenurial teams in preparing for and positioning themselves and their businesses for fundraising or a sale.

From time to time Agenda Capital may be invited as an owner alongside old or new owners. This we prefer, as it creates a common platform and helps align us around the same agenda.

In all capacities, wether it be as an advisor, co-owner or buyer, we try to work closely with other owners, boards and with management to build the businesses and together establish and deliver joint ambitions and plans.

Agenda Capital will invest into companies in various industries teaming up with various owner types: family owned, corporate owners, entreprenurs and open shareholder structures. We may also work with banks who find themselves in a position where they hold the equity.

While we prefer to invest alongside existing owners, we may also support Management Buy Outs (”MBO”) or Management Buy Ins (”MBI”). We may take over a controlling interest or even buy 100 % of the business should current owners wish to sell it off. Examples may be generation shift situations or if corporations wish to divest non-core subsidiaries.

We focus on technology based growth companies with revenues ranging from NOK 25 million to NOK 250 million, but we may also work outside this scope.

Should you be interested in establishing a dialogue with Agenda Capital as a potential partner please contact us.