Investment Criteria

We will seek to satisfy most – if not all – of our investment criteria in every single investment.

Management Strength
We seek to partner with strong managers and entrepreneurs to build great technology companies. Without competent and ambitious management and owners the businesses will not succeed. Following an investment we will continously work to understand the strength and weaknesses of the team to support and continually strengthen it.

Margin Potential
We seek to identify and invest in technology companies that deliver a value proposition allowing it to harvest a significant contribution margin.

We are seeking to partner with companies with revenues. Ideally companies with a turnover between mNOK 25 and mNOK 250, but in certain cases even smaller or larger companies.

We are seeking companies with unique value propositions that bring a radically improved technology based solution to a high value/pain business or process area.

We are seeking companies with some level of IPR protection, and what we believe is a defendable set of competitive advantages.

We are seeking managers, entrepreneurs and companies that share our ambition to bring Norwegian/Nordic technology onto the global stage.

We seek companies with limited, understood or singular risk elements.

We seek companies and managers that do not consider an exit as a threat, but as an opportunity. They will work with us to optimize the exit.

We will seek to identify companies where our contribution of competence as well as capital is welcomed and meaningful.

Business Model
We seek technology companies with relatively simple, robust and scalable business models. We need to understand who pays the bill – and why.