Partnering for Value Creation

All partners in Agenda Capital have extensive ownership and managerial experience in owning, developing and growing successful technology businesses and people. From our experience companies do better if all stakeholders are aligned around a shared growth agenda and agree to certain key elements.

We see these elements as central to our value creating process.

Alignment around a Shared Agenda

Key to effective value creation is the alignment of stakeholders (shareholders, entrepreneurs, management and employees) around a shared ambition and strategy. A realistic/aggressive strategy needs to be developed and agreed among the stakeholders. An operational game plan should be developed and agreed. Key decision points should be identified and prepared. An overall gameplan should be developed and updated.

Strong Teams

“Nobody is perfect, but the team may be. Nothing is achieved by one alone.” We work according to this belief. We will work with our investment companies to help strengthen their management teams and organisations when necessary.

Concrete Operational Targets and Incentive Systems

The strategy is translated into relevant objectives, operational targets and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). An incentive system driving desired behavior is implemented. We will work with the boards and management to develop a set of KPIs to monitor the progress of the business relating to defined targets, and design incentive systems that reward achievement.

Focus and Ambition

The stakeholders should focus on delivering ambitions and plans.

Taking controlled risk

Business is about taking risks. Business is also about identifying, understanding and managing risk.

Shared Success

As we succeed together, we prefer to have all stakeholders aligned and working as a team toward the same objective.