Sector Perspectives

Several key trends, themes and market drivers are impacting how we intend to position our portfolio.

We see even stronger reliance on technology across society in general going forwars. We believe that these trends, themes and drivers bode for continued and accelerating technology innovation and adaptation:

– the global energy squeeze
– the environmental challenge
– continued improvements of industrial and value chain efficiency through the use of technology
– shifts in global production and trade patterns
– the cell phone (and how mobility is impacting all aspects communication)
– shifting revenue models and a focus on capital efficiency
– the aging population
– the sequencing of the human genome
– the increase and distribution of global wealth

Agenda Capital will through its investment partners research, its industrial network and through its research partner(s) (se examples under advisory board), as well as through relationships with our past and future portfolio companies and our ongoing deal flow and deal analysis, gain insight into current strategic challenges and priorities, industrial processes, product and technology development and needs, as well as new technology applications, etc.
Thus Agenda Capital`s team may be able to identify technologies and products that may radically improve existing processes or identify processes where new technologies with particular characteristics may improve or change the process altogether.