Consumer ICT

– The Mobile Platform, Web 2.0, Social Media, etc.

The mobile platform (cell phones) represents an area of radical ongoing development. The global coverage of cell phone networks is becoming satisfactory, and global penetration of smart phones is increasing. We see that the cell phone operators, with their basic speech revenue model under massive pressure, are now finally in need of content to provide a better ARPU (Average Revenue Pr User). While Japan for the last 10+ years has been pioneers with regards to content, the Blackberry and Iphone are stimulating consumers and starting to deliver on the promise of the cell phone as a multi-media and multi-function platform.

Additionally, we believe that the Internet is evolving. Initially the Internet was used for point to point communication (e-mail). With Netscape and the World-Wide-Web one began to use the net for presentation (homepages) followed by e-commerce (both by creating web shops (Amazon, Travelocity, etc) and net-banks (i.e. one to many and many to one) and by using the IP protocol substituting EDI (point to point and machine to machine). During the last 10 years we have seen the emergence of services such as Voice over IP (telephony) and leveraging the net for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well as the emergence of rich media, advanced search functions, improved tools for administering content, etc.

During the 90`s, the Internet was cutting out the middle man and improving the cost income ratios of banks and supporting the rollout of telecoms services. Now the Internet is threatening their core revenue modesl. The revenue models of banks, telecom incumbents and media houses are under pressure. POTS (plain old telephony systems) is substituted by low fixed cost VOIP/and cell phone based VOIP. Print newspapers are under dramatic pressure from a shift in media spend by advertisers. These trends are bound to continue evolving, and a multitude of investment opportunities will present themselves. Again, most of these will be flawed, but several will possibly make investors significant returns.

Search areas

We believe that we should seek out global niche players leveraging both open source and available low cost tools and platforms to provide targeted products (primarily SW platforms and or service models) addressing critical needs for telecoms and media players.

Companies in which this team has managed, invested into and/or been board members in include Colibria, Macaos (an Elprint subsidiary), several maritime e-commerce initiatives, etc. We have sold companies to players such as KPN/Telstra and Unitor AS.

Our involvement with these companies has provided experience and insight as well as a network that we will utilise and rely on going forward.