Industrial ICT

– Improved Efficiency Through Technology

We believe that the industrial revolution is in its 2nd phase i.e. that the ICT revolution is still ongoing!

The leverage of technology for industrial design, collaboration, production, sourcing, sales, management, financial control, management information, decision support, information storage and search etc., has been ongoing and accelerating over the last 30+ years. Beneath these identified processes improvement of base technology from the chip to the system as well as in the software stack and in a multitude of surrounding SW-tools is advancing. With man`s understanding and acceptance of technology improvments, we see this process continuing. A multitude of investment opportunities will present themselves. Most of these will be flawed, but several will possibly make investors significant returns.

Search areas

While the ICT field have produced a number of global leading companies within a short timeframe (10 years), we believe that we should seek out global niche players leveraging both open source and available low cost tools and platforms to provide targeted products (primarily SW. but sometimes also high margin hardware) addressing critical needs with rich end customers”.


Companies in which this team has managed, invested into and/or been members of the boards of include software companies such as Visma Marine (Spectec Group), Maritech, Conoptica, VoxelVision, Metronor, Exie, Elprint/Macaos, Banqsoft, VIZ Risk Management Services, Scali, Maxware and Procaptura. Companies delivering industrial sensors and control systems such as Elpint, Argos Control, Tordievel, Metronor, Conoptica, Macaos, Safety One. Integrated circuit and hardware companies such as Chipcon, Hectronic, Certified Computer Technology, Scali and Radiocrafts.

We have not listed companies in this field, however we have been part of the team who sold several of these companies to industrial buyers, including to buyers such as Texas Instruments, Schlumberger, SAP, KPN (Xantic/Station 12), Telenor and Datarespons.

Our involvement in these companies has provided experience and insight as well as a strong network that we will utilise and rely on going forward.