Life Science

– The Next Revolution

Following the mapping of the human genome, the advances in stem cell research, the trend toward personalized medicine and the growth of antibodies and protein based biomarkers as well as nucleic acid based diagnostics and therapeutics converge with a global need for faster and cheaper development of drugs and more efficient healthcare. Add to this an aging population and the general globalisation of wealth and implicitly the willingness to pay for health services – the life science industry with all of its sub-sectors is set to prosper.

We see several interesting investment areas both in the med-tech field, the drug discovery field and within the field of molecular biology. While the Life Science field is underinvested in our region several companies are now undertaking very interesting work that we expect will be successful.

Search areas

While we have great respect for the difficulty in evaluating individual technologies – and also respect the long time frames normally involved with reaping financial benefits from Life Science projects like these – we perceive that the market is miss-pricing companies in this field (in both ends of the spectrum). We find that interesting spin-off opportunities are presenting themselves. We will look for later stage drug discovery companies, for med-tech product companies and for companies selling tools to the DNA and personalised medicine industries. Several companies within this domain border to ICT and we find such companies of interest.


Companies in which this team has invested into and been boardmembers of include Biotec Pharmacon/Paro (drug discovery, enzymes, consumer and animal health) and Natural ASA.